Professionals for every challenge

The team at Paul Immobilien consists of 75 staff- and workforce members, who possess a variety of qualifications in the commercial and technical areas of the business. Our people include accountants, caretakers, janitors, commercial assistants as well as technical and cleaning workforce members, and also apprentices in real-estate management.

The commercial occupations include certified engineers for the real-estate property- and domestic-dwelling business, state-examined business managers with diploma, industrial engineers with diploma, real-estate management specialists, legal specialists, real-estate property sales personnel, end of the financial year accounts’ bookkeepers, as well tax specialists.

In our technical department, we have state-examined building-construction technicians on the staff, as well as qualified tradesmen, property cleaning personnel and landscape gardeners.

What we provide as know-how

As a result of ongoing training, advanced training and seminars, our staff- and workforce –members are always up-to-date with the state of the art of techniques and technologies. Apart from our competent staff- and workforce members, our modern methods of working contribute to our own success and to that of our clientele. Our Agency operates with the property caretaker program: ‘DOMUS 4000’ and we program numerous types of reporting into the software. Our Agency also employs: ‘Fioport’, ‘EBICS’, ‘Facility-Management Software’ as well as ‘SIRA DOS’. In addition, we make available to our clientele the ‘e-DOMUS’ online facility (access via the internet to current up-to-date details of properties and balances of account), to include a ‘DATEV’ interface.

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