Professional premises management

Control of services’ providers

Control of services’ providers

The especially trained technicians of our Agency take on facility management assignments on a daily basis, conscientiously and technically correct.

We attach great importance to tidy premises, buildings and outside areas as well as functioning domestic technical equipment on the premises.

Caretaker services

Caretaker services

Paul Immobilien has tradesmen and caretakers on its staff, who are capable of carrying out certain servicing- and maintenance as well as reinstatement –works, as well as the care and cleaning of premises and the outside areas.

You also can benefit in future from our professional facility management services, the caretaker services.

The core competences of our Facility Management Services, include:

  • regular property-referred surveys of the commercial- and domestic-dwelling properties, under our care;
  • the surveillance and implementation of all conversion-, renovation- and modernisation -works;
  • budget planning and elaboration of optimised concepts, for example with reference to compliance with standards and safety-/ security concepts (e.g. fire protection);
  • the implementation, supervision and acceptance of building-construction as well as external tradesmen’s services, statutory requirements and/or countermeasures (e.g. fire protection and safety-/ security concepts);
  • cost- and quality controlling;
  • ensurement of quality-control and warranty claims of external services and building-construction works;
  • the production of property-relevant documentation and regular controls at the required inspection intervals;
  • the servicing of tenants (defect rectification and repairs, conflict problem solutions, etc.);
  • the checking of invoices received;
  • cooperation in property-specific budgeting;
  • the conducting of property inspections as well as the supervision of- domestic technical equipment on the premises-/ -regulations-/ -standards-/ and -statutory requirements;
  • the retaining and coordination of qualified services providers;
  • the supervision and acceptance of building-constructional works.

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