The management of commercial properties

Competent handling of commercial units

Competent handling of commercial units

The management of commercial properties, such as supermarkets, bank branches, medical practices, offices, restaurants, etc., requires in-depth knowledge and experience, which we have acquired over many years.

We take on the negotiation of tenancies with the commercial tenants, verify current option rights, and the possibilities of achieving increased rents, e.g. by way of index-linked rental or graduated rental, and then submit an operating- and ancillary charges’ statement.

In addition, we can prepare an individual ownership report, to include a summary of the current tenancy status with a list of tenants, profitability calculation and list of rental arrears (the rent roll, cashflow, ageing statement, Capex budget, VAT report, etc.). In addition, we can program the data evaluations as required by the owner.

Even the drawing-up of an individual tenancy strategy for a commercial property is part of the benefits of dealing with the Agency: Paul Immobilien GmbH

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