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‘WEG- Wohnungseigentumsverwaltung’ (Condominium Ownership Management) for the renting out of condominium properties to third parties

‘WEG- Wohnungs­eigentums­verwaltung’ (Condominium Ownership Management) for the renting out of condominium properties to third parties

Under the ‘WEG-Verwaltung’ System (Condominium Property Management System), we take over the management of the condominium community and administer the condominium property. We produce accounts for the condominium basic mutual community charges for the relative financial year. Any actualisation of the business plan will be verified against the accounts and laid before the annual general meeting of condominium owners for decision. All the important documentation for such management- and administration activities as well as the underlying payment statements, are produced in an orderly form in accordance with statutory requirements, jurisprudence, declarations of partition and resolutions taken in the general meeting of the owners. Detailed inspections of bookkeeping vouchers represent no problem for our Agency, and these examinations can be made in our offices by appointment.

Payments and financial transfer traffic is conducted on the basis of the ‘EBICS – Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard’. The daily call-up of bank account statements enables us to supervise and manage incoming payments received, and regularly manage the assets of the ‘WEG’ (Condominium Ownership Community). The investing of the reserves is conducted by means of a special condominium owner fiduciary account with associated interest income. Of course, we also maintain direct contact with the condominium owners, and in particular with the representative board of the condominium community, in order to be able to implement the interests of the ‘WEG’ - condominium community correspondingly. Such is of particular importance for preparing for the annual general meetings of the condominium community. All resolutions are then recorded in the records of resolutions taken by the community.

‘SEV – Sondereigentumsverwaltung’ (Special Ownership Management of Property)

‘SEV – Sonder­eigentums­verwaltung’ (Special Ownership Management of Property)

When conducting the special ownership management of properties, our Agency manages the routines associated with departing tenants and new arriving occupying tenants, during changes of tenancy. Of course, we also conduct the entire correspondence with the tenants, remind any rent outstandings and check for opportunities for raising rents. The preparation of operating charge accounts will be undertaken in due time and any necessary processing of claims will be immediately dealt with. In cases of any deficiencies, we arrange an inspection together with the tenants. When renovations become necessary, we obtain offers from the relative tradesmen. In cases of unoccupied property units, or those occurring during our management activities, then our Tenancy Department will be glad to canvass for suitable interested tenants, and continue the process right through to viewings and the preparation of tenancy agreements. Rentals are passed to owners immediately when received by the Agency. Upon the conclusion of a calendar year, owners will receive a corresponding income-expenditure statement (property unit account) of the special ownership unit for fiscal purposes.

Our experience, which you can entirely trust

The success of the services we provide have enabled us to acquire numerous ownership clients, who are entirely satisfied with our activities and we have thus been successful in retaining their custom. Our many years of experience in the business have made this possible. All our ‘WEG’ - condominium community managers and administrators also attend regular courses in seminars in order to be able to comply with the exigencies of statutory requirements.

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