Comprehensive property management for property portfolios

Management, advise, reporting

Management, advise, reporting

We already administer complete property portfolios for investors at home and abroad as property managers. In this regard, we take on the commercial and technical administration, the entire tenancy management and the ancillary- or side –charges’ management and submit comprehensive reports, to include a summary of the current tenancy status, a profitability calculation, rental arrears statement and an illustration of rental increase possibilities, e.g. by way of index-linking and graduated rentals. In regard to our comprehensive reporting (the rent roll, cashflow, ageing statement, Capex budget, VAT report, etc.), we prepare a much appreciated ‘executive summary’ for the control of investors, together with graphic illustrations. Such data can be individually adjusted and programmed.

Once we have been entrusted with a property management mandate, it is our aim to improve the profitability viability and thus increase the yield.

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